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Coaxial Type Helium Neon Laser


Wavelength: 632.8nm
Model Power Power Stability Beam Diameter (@emission end)
HN-405 (R/P) >0.5mW ±5%/h 0.8φmm (1/e2)
HN-410 (R/P) >1.0mW ±5%/h  0.8φmm (1/e2)
HN-530 (R/P) >3.0mW ±2.5%/h 1.0φmm (1/e2)
HN-550 (R/P) >5.0mW ±2.5%/h 1.0φmm (1/e2)
R = Random Polarization
P = Linear Polarization

High Power Helium Neon Laser


Wavelength: 632.8nm
Model Power Power Stability Beam Diameter (@emission end)
NEO-15MS >15mW ±2%/h 1.3φmm (1/e2)
NEO-30MS >30mW ±2.5%/h 1.5φmm (1/e2)
*Linear Polarization

Infrared Helium Neon Laser


Model Wavelength Power Beam Diameter (@emission end)
NEO-15R2 1.15μm (@Center) >5.0mW 1.3φmm (1/e2)
NEO-30R2 1.15μm (@Center) >8.0mW 1.7φmm (1/e2)
NEO-15R4 1.52μm >1.5mW 1.5φmm (1/e2)
NEO-30R4 1.52μm >3.0mW 1.6φmm (1/e2)
NEO-15R3 3.39μm >4.0mW 2.6φmm (1/e2)
NEO-30R3 3.39μm >8.0mW 3.0φmm (1/e2)
*Power Stability: ±5%/h
*Linear Polarization

Power Stabilized Type Helium Neon Laser


Wavelength: 632.8nm
Model Power Power Stability Beam Diameter (@emission end)
NEO-2MSS >1mW ±0.5%/h 0.9φmm (1/e2)
NEO-5MSS >3mW ±0.5%/h 0.9φmm (1/e2)
*Linear Polarization

Transverse Zeeman Laser


Wavelength: 632.8nm
Model Power Frequency Stability
NEO-262 >1.5mW 3 x 10-8
*Orthogonal Polarization

Axial Zeeman Laser


Wavelength: 633nm
Model Power Frequency Stability Beat Frequency
NEO-9111 0.2 – 1.0mW 1.2 x 10-8 0.8 – 2.0MHz
*Orthogonal Linear Polarization

Frequency Stabilized Helium Neon Laser


Model Power Frequency Stability
NEO-430 (632.8nm) >0.3mW 3 x 10-8
NEO-430-R4 (1.52μm) >50μW 5 x 10-8
*Linear Polarization

Iodine Stabilized Helium Neon Laser


Model Wavelength Power Frequency Uncertainty
NEO-92SI-NF 632.9918nm >25μW 2.5 x 10-11
*Linear Polarization
*Option: Offset Lock Helium Neon Laser (Power 1mW, without modulation)

Acetylene Stabilized Diode Laser


Model Center Wavelength Frequency Stability Frequency Uncertainty
C2H2LDS-1540 1.54μm band P(16) 194 369 569.38MHz ±100kHz
Frequency Stability (σ) 
1 x 10-11 (@1second gate time) 
> 1mW (Single Mode Fiber Emission, FC Connector)
*Linear Polarization
*Option: Power Booster, Modulation Cancellation

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