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Purpose of Inquiry

The form of inquiry in this home page shall be used for purposes of providing opinions, requests and inquiries to NEOARK CORPORATION.

Purpose of Information Use

All information provided by Customers and Inquirers will be protected.
Collected information will be used for a purpose of information management and supports to information providers only.


All users and viewers of this homepage are strictly prohibited to exercise following issues.

1. Any acts and behaviors that are against the laws and regulations of Japan

2. Any acts and behaviors that violate Copyright, Publicity Right, and Intellectual Property Right.

3. Any acts and behaviors that violate Property, Privacy and Human Right.

4. Any acts and behaviors that are against Public Order and Morality.

5. Any acts and behaviors to inform or input false contents.

6. Any acts and behaviors that can be related to mental abuse to any individuals, corporations and organizations

7. Any acts and behaviors that are against the terms stated in this homepage.

* Diversion and Secondary Use of Information provided by NEOARK CORPORATION are also strictly prohibited.

Export Policy

NEOARK CORPORATION is strictly against to any acts, behaviors and attitudes that are related to violence, dispute, war affair, weapon aid, human rights violation, child labor, any developments that are potentially harm people and environment, environmental pollution and other issues that violate peaceful and sustainable human life.

We strongly continue to maintain suppression of in mentioned acts, and in the case we find any information or inquiries related to mentioned acts, we are going to take appropriate and lawful actions toward such acts.

Mentioned terms are effective from the date January 1st, 2012.

NEOARK CORPORATION hold all rights to revise and change mentioned terms without prior notice

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