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Kerr Loop & Magnetic Domain_NEOARK_150806

Key Words:
  • Helium Neon Laser
  • Power Stabilized Helium Neon Laser
  • Zeeman Laser
  • Wavelength Stabilized Helium Neon Laser
  • Iodine Stabilized Helium Neon Laser
  • Acetylene Stabilized Diode Laser
Key Words:
  • Local Magnetic Property Analysis
    by Laser based Magneto-Optical Effect Measurement
  • Magnetic Hysteresis Loop
  • Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect (MOKE)
  • Faraday Effect
  • Magnetic Semiconductor Wafer Analysis
  • Hard Disc Media/Head Analysis
  • Magnetic Sensor Analysis
  • Magnetic Domain Observation
    (Kerr Microscope)


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